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Upgrading and innovation of various product models and specifications

14 year brand enterprise 14 year brand enterprise
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Luoyang Liwei science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a research and development, design, manufacturing and service company. It is specialized in the research and development of new scientific equipment and supporting series of derivative equipment, which are represented by Hopkinson equipment series, to characterize the mechanical response characteristics of materials under high strain rate (explosion and impact, etc.), as well as the light gas gun (gun) to characterize the mechanical behavior of structure and engineering under high-speed loading and penetration Series and other forward-looking innovative research products mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech enterprises. With advanced level of cutting-edge mechanical and electrical equipment research and development and production, instruments and meters, electronic products design, sales and technology development, technical services, technical consulting, technology transfer; the company has a number of technical authority composed of expert team, participated in the research and development of large-scale national scientific research projects for many times, and launched extensive and in-depth "production, learning and research" cooperation with many universities, Actively integrate into the national science and technology innovation system, and carry out in-depth technical cooperation and output of technical equipment with Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries.

The company was founded in 2005, and its main business is to undertake the design, production, processing, installation and debugging of scientific research projects of enterprises, colleges and universities, and the army, and use the strength of the company's technical team to complete customer needs. At present, the company has a production and assembly base that has completed design and development and two comprehensive office areas that mainly focus on design, forming the main business of three parts:

Business one:Hopkinson series of products and accessories, the scientific research equipment used for mechanical research, has been the innovation leader of the product industry for more than ten years, especially in the technical reform of the product in recent three years, the company has optimized the original design concept of the equipment (multi-function, new material, full model successful innovation) to become the company's lasting and constantly upgraded products.
Business two:Military scientific research business, mainly undertaking military scientific research project design and turnkey project (do not express due to confidentiality needs).
Business three:For R & D and customization of non-standard mechanical and electrical equipment for scientific research and test, enterprise, civil and other practical purposes (for specific needs, please consult).

The company's organizational structure is dumbbell structure, with the design and R & D ability to overcome difficulties and the cooperation system of the whole staff. It has dozens of intellectual property rights and patent technologies of products, and has established close cooperation with experts, professors and scientific research institutions of domestic famous universities, including many academicians of National Academy of engineering.

With the modern development mode of science and technology innovation, product positioning creativity, high standard management, etc., the company quickly solves the customer demand, continues to optimize the after-sales service, and maintains and promotes the core competitiveness of the enterprise.

In the manufacturing process, through the cooperation with many long-term partners, we will give full play to each member's precision production capacity, fully complete our company's technical design requirements, and provide customers with satisfactory and surprising products with high-speed, low-cost, high-quality and more practical performance.

Main products of the company Upgrading and innovation of various product models and specifications

—  01   The mechanical equipment used by universities and scientific research institutions - Hopkinson test equipment, several technical innovations and technical indicators have been the leaders of the industry products. Including compression and stretching, torsion, shearing, three-point bending, high-speed gun, first-class gun, gas confining pressure, full-automatic intelligent closed-loop three confining pressure system, full-automatic split Hopkinson high temperature furnace, intelligent PID control Hopkinson low temperature furnace and performance transformation, material breakthrough upgrading, various specifications of full series of Hopkinson equipment and supporting auxiliary equipment, in research institutions and Universities , and special customers, has been well received. At the same time, produce continuous cooperation and customized orders. Many important users such as China University of science and technology are our clients and partners for many years, and they are exported to Australia, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc. In the R & D process, a number of new products formed by new technologies with wide application value are also derived, which win the trust of customers and promote the development of the company.

—  02   Non standard customized scientific research and test equipment:
Hopkinson full digital electro-hydraulic servo multi-channel coordinated loading system. The equipment is a mechanical laboratory equipment jointly developed by our company and University of science and technology of China, which uses advanced technologies such as servo hydraulic and electric control system to realize six directions of pulse dynamic load. The equipment has been sold abroad. Explosive atmosphere test chamber: This equipment can not only simulate explosive atmosphere and high altitude and low pressure environment, but also detect whether its shell can cut off the deflagration under the condition that the inner part of the test piece has been detonated. After owning this product independently, many products in domestic aerospace, aviation and other fields can carry out explosive atmosphere test.

—  03   Non standard engineering project: explosion proof wall and dbmz high pressure sealing device in French akoma chemical enterprise.

—  04   At present, the company is vigorously promoting creative innovation, and various invention patents are constantly emerging. By the first half of 2019, the company has obtained more than 60 national patents and 9 Hopkinson equipment related patents. The conversion rate of patent implementation shall not be less than 80%, and the patent achievements shall be converted into practical products by practical actions, serving the country and the society.

The company's decision-making level is an elite group composed of a group of scientific and technological innovation experts, with a strong sense of career and strong innovation ability. The company has a good record of integrity and development process, makes friends all over the world, seeks mutual benefits and win-win results, follows the principle of maximizing cooperation interests, and is determined to continue to lead tomorrow and win the future through R & D and design strength.
Wish of the company: as a technological company of innovative research and development, we advocate more exchanges and cooperation, less misappropriation and imitation of invention technology patents. Here, we once again declare that we will appoint professional investigation institutions and lawyers to pursue the infringement of our company's technology patents.

Organizational structure

Enterprise purpose

Upgrading and innovation of various product models and specifications

Enterprise positioning:

The company quickly joined the market through advanced manufacturing industry chain in the mode of scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation, product positioning innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, etc.

Corporate aspirations:

As a technological company of innovative research and development, we advocate more exchanges and cooperation, and less misappropriation and imitation of invention technology patents. We hereby declare once again that we will appoint professional investigation institutions and lawyers to prosecute the infringement of our company's technical patents.

Development history

Upgrading and innovation of various product models and specifications

  • 2005

    Luoyang Liwei Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established

  • 2013

    The company was renamed Luoyang Liwei Technology Co., Ltd

  • 2015

    Liwei R & D team achieves a major technological breakthrough

  • 2016

    Liwei technology maintenance and upgrading

  • 2017

    Liwei R & D team officially joined the national project team

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Upgrading and innovation of various product models and specifications

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