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How about the Hopkinson device? What are the advantages?

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How about the Hopkinson device? What are the advantages?

Another unique function of VSC machine tool is welding unit. It has been used more and more in laser welding of transportation mechanism manufacturing industry. Many mechanisms, such as drive wheels and clutches, are often machined separately before assembly and welding. At the welding station, the assembled workpiece is clamped and then welded. The teeth of the two kinds of workpieces shall also be protected to prevent the welding fluid from splashing on the tooth surface of the workpieces. There are two shafts in the welding station. During the welding process, one is used to clamp the workpiece, and the other is used to unload the welded components and carry the next installed workpiece. The installed components are stacked on the conveyor and removed manually or automatically.
Emag's VSC series machining center is considered to be the world's leading lathe design. The lathe is designed with the workpiece moving and the tool not moving. This design is the basis of most multi-functional machining centers, so that a series of cutters can be used to complete different machining processes in the same machine tool, so that the transformation from "simple" vertical lathe to multi-functional compound machining machine tool is realized. Emag has delivered more than 5000 such machines.
Expanding market and changing demand
A set of VTL platform is assembled on the bridge frame of the machining center by   monarch machine tool company, so that the machining center can achieve 5-axis function. The bridge frame controls the X, y, z axes, a 150cm, 60kW turning / positioning table, a replaceable spindle head holding turning tool or a 50 ° taper shank tool plus a single axis tilting spindle head as the fifth axis. It can realize 5-axis machining, and its typical products are large valves and components of aeroengine. Monarch machine tool company looks at many function machine tool markets and hopes that it will continue to expand. Monarch machine tool company is redesigning the existing machine tool and some new design work, so that its vertical machine tool can have the spindle function similar to the horizontal machine tool.
Fuji machine tool American company initially manufactured machine tools mainly for mass production, often processing more than 100000 pieces of workpiece, in this production efficiency, you can't refer to the use of lathe for milling or drilling processing. Today, the demand for small batch and more complex artifacts is more prominent. Some big manufacturers are trying to get rid of the finishing process. They want to assemble the modules. With their strong push, their suppliers have to replace the old equipment and reduce the waste rate. In order to reduce the cost, these companies need simple machine tools with multiple functions.
                              . In order to meet this demand, milling machine series and TN line came into being. They are mainly designed for those small and medium-sized factories to realize multi-functional automatic manufacturing. This is an old design based on one or two axes, which can realize milling, drilling or tapping. With the extensive use of milling turning centers, 5-axis machining machines are also widely used to meet the demand of multi-functional market. Mikron can provide machine tools from three to five axes, with the spindle speed of 60000r / min and acceleration of more than 1G. One of the products of * is ucp600vario, with a power of 16kw, spindle speed of 20000r / min, and a rotating / tilting table capable of five axis and five side machining. In order to ensure the accuracy, the machine tool is also equipped with vibration monitoring and intelligent temperature control module.

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