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On the condition of propagating member of one-dimensional plane elastic stress wave

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On the condition of propagating member of one-dimensional plane elastic stress wave

1. In the application of Hopkinson test, the incident bar and the transmission bar must maintain the elastic deformation process and be highly coaxial (more than 95% of the effective contact area), so that the surface strain is linearly related to the internal stress of the bar, and the elastic stress wave theory can accurately obtain the strain measurement data, which can be analyzed and processed with the special Hopkinson model.
2. Because the upper limit of the impact rod speed is directly determined by the yield strength of the rod, the high-strength (high yield strength) material is selected as the rod material, and the heat treatment such as nitriding (if necessary, carbonitriding) is carried out to obtain the rod with rigorous mechanical properties meeting the requirements of Hopkinson test.
3. Hopkinson is a kind of material core mechanical equipment which is characterized by deformation at high strain rate (100-1000HZ). The bars receive repeated impact in the test process. The high yield strength and heat treatment hardness characteristics ensure the accurate elastic stress wave, at the same time, greatly improve the service life of the bars and reduce the test cost.

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